Postdoctoral Researcher: University of Granada

Feb 8, 2022 | Postdoctoral Students

Our lab at the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center at University of Granada (CIMCYC-UGR) is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work in the research project “Clinical Applications of Neuroscience: Locating Language Areas in Epileptic Patients and Restoring Speech in Paralyzed People” (B.SEJ.570.UGR20), funded by our regional government in Andalusia (Spain).
Project summary:
The project has two objectives. Firstly, we aim at localizing the brain areas involved in language processing from intracranial EEG data, with the clinical aim of preserving these regions during the resection of brain tissue in epileptic patients. Secondly, the project also aims to decode speech from intracranial EEG recording using state-of-the-art deep learning techniques.
The candidate tasks will involve setting up experiments with standard experimental software, recruiting participants, running experiments, data preparation and analysis.
Candidates must hold a PhD in Computer Science or Telecommunications/Electronic Engineering and interests in Cognitive Neuroscience or, alternatively, a PhD in Psychology/Neuroscience with good programming skills (in Python and/or Matlab).
About the position:
The candidate will be integrated in a multidisciplinary team formed by psychologies, engineers, and medical doctors. The duration of the contract is for 18 months, starting from March 2022. Full time salary is in the range 26,000€ to 42,000€, depending on the candidate’s qualifications.
The deadline for applications ends on 2nd February
More information:
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