Postdoctoral fellow in cognitive and computational neuroscience: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Feb 8, 2022 | Postdoctoral Students

Bolton Chau’s lab (based in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) is recently recruiting two postdoctoral fellows to join the lab for at least one of the following projects
• Predicting cognitive performances using brain imaging big data (collaborating with Saad Jbabdi at University of Oxford)
• Unveiling the therapeutic mechanisms of non-invasive brain stimulation for cognitive rehabilitation (involves an international team with researchers from multiple Hong Kong institutes, as well as Oxford, Vienna, McGill and UC Santa Barbara).
Our research:
Decision neuroscience combines the strengths of multiple disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, economics, and computer science, to decode the decision making processes in the human brain. Over the last two decades, researchers in the field have focused on examining mechanisms of decision making by performing simple and well-controlled experiments in the laboratory.  However, pivotal decisions in real life, such as choosing a career, getting married to someone, or buying a house, are far more complex than those previously studied in the laboratory. Hence, my research has a specific focuses on addressing the important question of how the brain processes complex choice information during decision making. This approach has important implications, such as decoding the specific mechanisms that enable highly intellectual behaviours in humans, informing the development of artificial intelligence, and contributing to the understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders.
– Obtained (or about to obtain) a PhD in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computer science or related areas
– Experience in or interested in cognitive neuroscience and/or big data analytics
– Experience in computer programming is essential (e.g. Matlab, Python)
– Experience in one of the following techniques: MRI, TMS, eye tracking or artificial intelligence/deep learning.
Duration and start date:
12 months with the possibility of renewal. Start date is flexible and ideally in Spring 2022.
Please send your CV to and a cover letter that briefly describes your research experience and interests. You are also welcome to send your enquiries to the same address.