SNE 2023

Oct 13 – 15, 2023
Vancouver, BC

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Live, free-flowing, informal, and personal interviews with senior academic scientists, that are open to all society members.


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Hello SNE Friends! Conference Award Applications are now OPEN! Follow the link for more info. We are looking forward to welcoming you all in Vancouver, BC in October! #SNE2023 #NeuroEconomics #BC #Canada #neuroscience #economics #InPerson -

#Money Psychology #Neuroeconomics #Mentor Coaching
A Second Edition of A NEW MONEY STORY: The Beliefs, Behaviors, and Brain Science to Rewire for Wealth has just been released by Westwood Books (First Edition published by Roman & L…

Check out our paper on the functional relevance of the right DLPFC and the VMPFC in risk taking behavior. Using TMS to check the role of each area. @AcademicChatter #ScienceTwitter #neuroeconomics

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Society for Neuroeconomics

Neuroeconomics is a field that represents the confluence of economics, psychology and neuroscience in the study of human decision making. SNE’s exists to foster research on the foundations of economic behavior by promoting collaboration and discussion among scholars from the psychological, economic, and neural sciences, and to ensure the continued advancement of the field of neuroeconomics by supporting young researchers.