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Important reminder from @nyuniversity Andy Schotter about why choice data aren’t all we have or need in economics

Use case for fMRI in understanding auctions here #neuroeconomics

Bummer! The reliability of individual economic rationality measurements is moderate to poor🙁Here's a summary 🧵of our recent paper @PNASNews /w @lucalupken, Nils Lüschow, and @kalenscher. #neuroeconomics @INSEAD @HHU_de cc @veredkurtz @vectornomist

📢🚨 recruiting postdoc(s) to study mechanisms/behavioral significance of #DopamineWaves 👇🏾👇🏾 using modern approaches, multilevel neurocomputational models and strong interface with #psychiatry, #neuroeconomics, #addiction, and #computerscience

reach out if interested

Arif Hamid @arifahamid

What we found:
1) We discovered a novel activity pattern in the DA axons across the dorsal striatum. They are organized into waves. Check out this video 👇🏽

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Neuroeconomics is a nascent field that represents the confluence of economics, psychology and neuroscience in the study of human decision making. SNE’s exists to foster research on the foundations of economic behavior by promoting collaboration and discussion among scholars from the psychological, economic, and neural sciences, and to ensure the continued advancement of the field of neuroeconomics by supporting young researchers.