About The Society

Our Mission

The mission of the Society for Neuroeconomics is to:

  1. Foster research on the foundations of economic behavior by promoting collaboration and discussion among scholars from the psychological, economic, and neural sciences.
  2. Ensure the continued advancement of the field of neuroeconomics by supporting young researchers.

The Society promotes this mission through annual meetings for presentation of original theory and research, and through educational programs to promote development of a common language and set of methodological tools for the field.

Neuroeconomics is a field that represents the confluence of economics, psychology and neuroscience in the study of human decision making. Researchers from each of these disciplines have investigated decision making processes for many decades independently, with each discipline offering unique strengths. Accordingly, neuroeconomics combines the rigorous modeling from economics with psychological studies of social and emotional influences on decision making, and utilizes tools from neuroscience that permit the observation of otherwise latent valuation and decision-making computations that take place in the brain. The synergy of this integrative approach is already evident from the steep rise in publications since the advent of neuroeconomics in the early 2000s.

SNE Leadership

Elected members govern the Society for Neuroeconomics (SNE).

Society Charter

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