PostDoc Position in Decision Neuroscience/Neuroeconomics at Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada)

Oct 16, 2023 | Job Postings, Postdoctoral Students

We are looking for a postdoc to join the Queen’s Neuroeconomics Lab ( The lab is based at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada (Department of Psychology and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies).

We study social behaviour and decision making in various domains (e.g., altruism, dietary behaviour, consumer choices). To better understand the mechanisms that drive decisions and social behaviour, we employ a variety of techniques (ranging from computer experiments, measures of eye-movements to imaging of brain structure and function) together with computational modelling approaches (e.g., multivariate pattern analysis [MVPA], drift diffusion models [DDMs]).


  • Planning and implementation of research projects and analysis of multimodal data (neuronal, physiological, and behavioural data) using computational modelling (e.g., MVPA, DDM)
  • Presentation of research results (in scientific journals, colloquia and conferences)

Requirements and Skills

  • Excellent master and doctoral degree in psychology, cognitive science, biology, computer science, behavioural economics, or an equivalent discipline
  • High motivation and interest in interdisciplinary research
  • Of advantage (but not necessary, will be dependent on the background and level of the applicant):
    • knowledge of one or more neuroscientific methods (fMRI, TMS, tDCS, EEG, MEG or NIRS) or eye-tracking
    • and/or programming experience (e.g., Matlab, Python) or experience in advanced statistical analyses (e.g., machine learning)
    • and/or relevant research experience or interest in the field of “decision neuroscience” or “social neuroscience” or “neuroeconomics”
    • and/or knowledge of behavioural modelling

Please send your detailed application (a short statement of research interests, CV, transcripts, and references) to Dr. Anita Tusche (). Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the positions have been filled.

For more information please contact: Dr. Anita Tusche ().