PhD Position, The neuro-cognitive bases of sustainable decision-making, IUSS-Pavia, Italy

Aug 8, 2022 | Job Postings, Postdoctoral Students

3-year funded PhD position (€16.243,00/year) on “The neuro-cognitive bases of sustainable decision-making” within the PhD program in “Sustainable Development and Climate change” ( ; University School for Advanced Studies IUSS-Pavia), under the supervision of Prof. Nicola Canessa (IUSS, Pavia).

The project, that will be performed at the IUSS Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, aims to develop and validate novel tools for assessing the disposition towards sustainable decision-making, by means of cognitive and neurophysiological metrics. The project is expected to result in distinct outputs, including deliverables and scientific articles reporting their applications in neuro-cognitive settings. Overall, these outcomes are expected to help refining the available socio-cognitive models of sustainable choice, thus paving the way to further multidisciplinary extensions of the inquiry on the cognitive precursors of sustainable decision-making in different contexts. This project will be performed at the IUSS Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, that takes a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the neural bases of healthy or pathological human behavior with several research techniques applied to different populations.

Preferred qualifications are:

– Masters degree in Psychology, Economics or Biomedical Engineering

– Previous experience with design and/or performance of studies in cognitive psychology and/or cognitive neuroscience

– Previous experience with the fields of behavioural economics and/or psychology of decision-making

– Familiarity with psychological experiment software (e.g. Presentation, E-Prime, etc.) and/or previous experiences with devices/software for virtual reality and 3D interaction

– Strong motivation towards research in challenging environments Good capability to work in a team and interest for multidisciplinary research are essential, along with a good knowledge of English language, both spoken and written.

The successful candidate is expected to start in December 2022. Application deadline is August 5, 2022. For further information and application instructions, please contact the PI:

More details about the position and how to apply: