Special Webinar Series

February 2021 (15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26- from 9:30-12:30 EST)
Laurette Dube, Nathan Spreng et al.

We invite you to a special series in February on the Self. The self is at the core of our mental life. Concep-tions of the self, in its many dimensions, offer a connection between the multiple scales of the body, brain and society systems. These multi-scale links shape a person’s lifelong achievement, resilience, and well-being. Building upon the digital transformation of science, society, and everyday life, we use the self as a lens to advance a precision convergence. It is an approach that bridges cutting edge work in the multiscale methods and theories of neuroscience with similar multiscale methods and theories of social sciences, to understand contextualized lifelong real-world behavior. The ultimate intent of Precision Convergence is to increase the adaptability of our world to support, in as real-time as possible, lifelong achievement, resili-ence and wellbeing, with equity in mind.

This action-oriented series will focus on six core dimensions of the self over the course of six days. Each session will first start with existing research on the topic, followed by a relevant case study, which is then used to anchor a work session with inter-sectoral partners to advance the integration of the self into aca-demic and societal initiatives. A key deliverable for the Webinar series is to advance a precision conver-gence framework and a translational research agenda, surrounding personal and societal perspectives on the ‘self in action.’ Digital and written proceedings will be produced from this event.

The objectives of the webinar series are to:
• advance the trans-disciplinary, development of ‘self’-oriented precision convergence paradigms.
• profile early-stage precision convergence initiatives.
• develop a collaborative research and action program for science leadership, action and policy.
The Zoom links will be sent out the evening before each session.