Cognitive Economics Workshop: 8-9 November 2019

A two-day workshop taking place at King’s College London on the emerging field of cognitive economics.

We invite suggestions for paper presentations (20 mins), topics for panel discussion(s)/interactive sessions, posters and ideas for an informal talk on the topics relating to theoretical, empirical and applied cognitive economics. For instance, such as belief-based utility, valuation of symbolic goods, happiness, motivated reasoning, and the development of experimental methods, public policy and marketing applications. This is a cross-disciplinary topic and we welcome contributions relating to one or more of the following overlapping strands:

  • Economics (especially the economics of information, attention, and happiness, or behavioural economics)
  • Psychology (especially relating to mental simulation, non-standard preferences and narrative)
  • Neuroscience (especially relating to attention, valuation and mental simulation)
  • Marketing (especially of narratives and intangible goods)
  • Talks from other disciplines including sociology, politics, complex systems, or AI are very welcome – provided the topic is examined through a cognitive economics lens

EXTENDED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: midnight in any time zone on Monday 2 September.  Please see attached pdf on how you can send in your applications/ideas. Alternatively, please visit for further information.