The Pühringer Group collaborates closely with academic institutions to conduct and support research in financial economics with the ultimate goal of gaining deeper understanding of valuation and decision making processes, in especially market price determination of financial assets. According to the WINNER concept (Wealth Innovation, Neuro- and Entrepreneurial Results) this effort is interdisciplinary in nature, combining traditional research in empirical asset pricing with neurofinance and entrepreneurial finance. In order to promote applied research in the fields of neurofinance and neuroeconomics we will organize the “WINNER” Best Paper Award 2019. The prize committee will select the best paper to be awarded EUR 6’000 and a follow-up paper to be awarded EUR 3’000. One of the authors of the awarded papers will be invited to the foundation’s International Neurofinance Meeting in Bélesta, South of France, to present the paper and to receive the price. The presentation together with the award ceremony will take place on Thursday, Oct. 3. The location will be the Domaine Riberach in Bélesta ( Costs of travel and accommodation will be reimbursed.