EBBS Satellite Conference

Join us for a mini 1-day conference at EBBS

Friday, September 3, 2021
Lausanne, Switzerland

The mini conference is hosted as part of the EBBS Conference, September 4-7, Lausanne, Switzerland. For more information about the EBBS Conference please visit https://www.ebbs2021.org/ 

EBBS Satellite & Speakers

We are excited to present the following program:


Alexander GenevskyRotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Generalizability of brain activity in forecasting market-level behavior

Lars Schwabe, Department of Cognitive Psychology, University of Hamburg

Impact of past expenses and acute stress on choice

Hilke Plassmann, INSEAD & Paris Brain Institute (ICM), Sorbonne University

Individual Differences in (Dietary) Decision Making and Its Control: Connecting the Brain and Gut to Improve our Understanding of Behavior

Matthias Pessiglione, Paris Brain Institute

Tomorrow never dies: a neuro-computational model of procrastination

Mirre StallenInstitute of Psychology, Leiden University

Social decision-making in response to inequality


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