We are now accepting student applications for the 2019 Neuroeconomics Summer School! This upcoming summer, the program will again be held at NYU Shanghai in the heart of the Pudong district from July 8th to July 20th, 2019. Senior graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in neuroscience, psychology, economics, and related disciplines are encouraged to apply http://www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org/2019-call-for-applications. The deadline to submit your application here http://www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org/2019-student-application-form is January 20th, 2019 @ 11:59 PM EST. 

We encourage everyone who receives this poster to spread the word! To learn more about the Neuroeconomics Summer School, please visit www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org. For other questions regarding the application process, please contact the Program Administrator Karla Dimatulac at .

Below are some important links: 

Website:  www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org

Summer School Overview: http://www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org/summer-school-overview/ 

Application Overview: http://www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org/2019-call-for-applications 

Application form: http://www.shanghai-neuroeconomics.org/2019-student-application-form