2015 Annual Conference

Our annual conference, Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain aims to promote global interdisciplinary discussion on topics lying at the intersection of the brain and decision sciences in hopes of advancing both theory and research. The meeting is attended by scholars of all levels from all areas of neuroeconomic research including the fields of economics, psychology, and neural science, as well as by leaders in fields such as finance and medicine. The meeting's format, consisting of general talk sessions, poster sessions, organized receptions and group meals, provides ample opportunities for networking and off-line discussions. Further networking opportunities are provided by other events like our all-attendee banquet.


The 2016 Annual Conference will be located at...



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For recaps on the 2015 Annual Meeting, please refer to the following links (click to download):

Download the 2015 Program Book

Download the 2015 Preliminary Program